Voice-activated assistant for home

ivee Sleek voice-activated assistant for homeivee Sleek is the first Wi-Fi voice-activated assistant for home. The ivee Sleek answers questions, obeys commands and controls other Internet-connected devices. Via the my ivee portal, users can easily connect ivee to their favorite Wi-Fi devices and view them through their computer, tablet or smartphone.

At launch, ivee Sleek will understand and answer questions within 33 categories ranging from time and weather to stock prices, radio settings and more. Just say “hello ivee,” and ivee Sleek will prompt you for a command. As soon as you start talking, ivee begins turning your words into actions. And, because her technology is cloud-based, she will continuously grow, becoming smarter and more personalized to both her owner and her surroundings.

ivee Sleek currently works with platform solutions from iControl Networks, through which she has the ability to control other internet-connected devices, such as Wi-Fi thermostats, locks, smart plugs, security cameras and more. For more information about this voice-activated assistant, visit www.helloivee.com.