Bang & Olufsen launches BeoSound Essence sound system

Bang Olufsen BeoSound Essence on the wallWith the new Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence, one touch, and one touch only, is all it takes to start enjoying more of your favourite music in premium quality. The latest launch from Bang & Olufsen is a radically simple approach to accessing the everexpanding panoply of digital music possibilities, whether they’re in the cloud, on your computer, NAS, mobile phone or tablet.

Place a BeoSound Essence Remote wherever it’s convenient, for example on the wall next to the light switch, and start listening to your favourite music when you walk into the room. Or put another one next to your toaster to add wake-up tunes to your morning menu. A simple touch is all it takes. Another touch lets you skip between playlist tracks or internet radio stations, and you can also mute the music and adjust the volume.

The BeoSound Essence sound system consists of two components: an aluminium BeoSound Essence Remote with true Bang & Olufsen touch and movement, and a hide-away box that contains everything you don’t need to worry about to make the magic happen. The box is the centre for AirPlay streaming (pending final certification), DLNA streaming, Spotify Connect, QPlay and thousands of global internet radio stations.

Combine the BeoSound Essence sound system with any pair of Bang & Olufsen active speakers and achieve an outstanding acoustic experience.

In connection with the launch of BeoSound Essence, Bang & Olufsen also introduce the BeoMusic app, which makes it easy controlling the music from both iOS and Android devices. The App is the perfect companion for intuitively browsing and playing music from the mobile, PC or NAS device, as well as accessing global internet radio stations.

BeoSound Essence will be available at Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide in the spring 2014. Recommended retail price is $995 for a sound system consisting of a wall-mounted BeoSound Essence Remote and hide-away box, and $200 for additional wall-mounted or table top BeoSound Essence Remotes.