Frederique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture Calibre FC-945 Silicium

Frederique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture Calibre FC-945 SiliciumSince the launch of the first Heart Beat Manufacture Calibre in 2004, Frederique Constant has presented every year an additional version to its range. In 2014, Frederique Constant will introduce the new FC-945 Silicium Heart Beat Calibre, improved in terms of reliability, durability and pure technical excellence.

The accuracy of any mechanical timepiece is utterly dependent on the accuracy of the actual timing device, the balance wheel, balance spring and the escapement. The balance wheel’s job is to spin back and forth at a frequency of 4Hz. It is the frequency of the swing of the balance wheel, which determines the watch’s accuracy.

The escapement’s most critical function is to keep the balance spring winding and unwinding. Since watches were first invented, the requirements assigned to the escapement have involved high levels of friction. The teeth of the escapement wheel are driven by the mainspring’s power source. They slide against the teeth of the ratchet a nano-second before they lock together. This is the friction, which kicks the anchor. It is also the friction that means lubrication will be necessary.

The ticking sound of a Frederique Constant watch is created when the balance spring gear and the escapement teeth lock together. In virtually all-modern escapements, the ratchet’s teeth are extremely hard and highly polished stone. Despite these levels of strength and polished smoothness, lubrication is still required. To maintain mechanical watches in optimum working condition, they normally require cleaning and lubricating every four years.

Now, Frederique Constant introduces its implementation of the newest, most technologically superior materials available in the world today. The Heart Beat Manufacture features a Silicium escapement that uses less power and maintains amplitude more efficiently than a standard lever escapement, because it functions without lubrication.

The Heart Beat Manufacture Silicium features the recognizable popular patented balance wheel bridge on the front side of the calibre. The Silicium escapement wheel can clearly be seen through the Heart Beat aperture in the dial, working tirelessly and at the same time creating an eye-catching effect.

The new Heart Beat Manufacture Silicium Calibre is housed in a stainless steel case, measuring 42 mm in diameter. The popular sapphire crystal see-through case back is another feature certain to please. This first Frédérique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture model with Silicium escapement wheel and specially designed dial will only be offered in a limited edition of 188 pieces in 18K gold and 1888 in steel.