Limited Edition Absolut Berlin

Absolut BerlinAbsolut Berlin is the first ever Absolut City Limited Edition in Germany. Absolut Berlin features the artwork of Berlin-based artist Zhivago Duncan, who’s design turns the iconic Absolut bottle into a window looking onto one of Berlin’s own iconic Monuments – the Fernsehturm.

To capture the spirit of Berlin in the bottle design, Absolut turned to Zhivago Duncan. Born in the United States, studied in the U.K., and now based in Berlin, Duncan, who speaks six languages, and works in as many artistic mediums, is a global citizen with a unique perspective on our contemporary world.

“As soon as I moved to Berlin, I fell in love with it,” says Duncan. “It’s a vibrant city directed towards the future. A place where people work hard and play hard, and where you don’t have to yield to all the conventionalities that other capitals have given into — where at 2 AM you may be at a club or in your studio working. But wherever you are, the creative energy of the city blasts through the windows. For me the idea of tagging the Fernsehturm suggests how the creative impulse can lead to remarkable feats, or a spray can mounted on a drone. Berlin is known to have always been a free and creative city. This open-mindedness and sense of adventure underlies the rebellious spirit that fuels the fire of the creative heart.”

The color palette reflects aspects of Duncan’s own experience of Berlin: gray for the old cement structures, green for the urban forests, turquoise for the oxidation of old statues, cadmium yellow for the golden bricks during a Berlin summer sunset, and pink for the sunrise after a long night out engaging the city and its people.

Absolut Berlin will be available in a limited edition and for a short time only. The German launch date is May 15, 2014. Austria and Switzerland will launch on June 1. It will not be available in travel retail.

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