Live Sushi at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

Live Sushi at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz LisbonAntónio Muniz, head sushi chef at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, presents Live Sushi three days a week at the Ritz Bar’s Sushi Lounge. Guests will have the privilege of seeing, with their own eyes, Chef Muniz creating, cutting, seasoning and presenting the result of his nine years of experience.

The sashimi of salmon, tuna and sea bass are perfectly cut and displayed side by side in a spectacle of colour that proves that one can also eat with one’s eyes. The gunkans and urumakis, in their flavourful involvement between the spicy wasabi and the al dente rice, leave mouths watering and waiting to explore the next creation Chef Muniz decides to present to the senses.

Chef Muniz started his career in sushi nine years ago. Working with fusion sushi, he specialized in marrying oriental and occidental flavours, when, two years later, he joined the team at Aya, one of the biggest sushi references in Portugal. It was there that he let go of everything he knew and started his sushi training from scratch with the mentoring of sushiman Takashi Yoshitake San, the Japanese man that introduced sushi to Portugal, and created all his base of knowledge and perfected the craft he’s been practicing for the last two years at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon.