New additions to the Antolini’s Woodstone Collection

Antolini - Woodstone CollectionAntolini, the Italian company specialized in natural stone processing, presents new patterns in its Woodstone Collection. The new patterns Wewood and Herringbone complement the Freewood motifs unveiled in 2012. Woodstone is a collection that makes it possible to enhance any room or setting with sophisticated and one-of-a-kind solutions. Woodstone offers an infinite variety of designs that can be creating simply by exploiting the features of the stone, using different size pieces and arranging them to bring out their natural beauty.

The Wewood pattern is a sort of weave that combines different forms and finishes. The rectangular pieces have a lether finish while the squares come with a polished finish.

Antolini - Woodstone Collection - Wewood CappucinoThe Herringbone pattern is exactly what it name says: the individual pieces, that are available in lether or polished finishes, are set at 90° angles creating a herringbone motif.

Antolini - Woodstone Collection - Herringbone Elegant BrownFreewood is characterized by the strips that are combined and arranged in always different combinations recreating and reinventing atmospheres that have long been considered the exclusive prerogative of hardwood floors. The strips are all 12 cm wide, but lengths vary from a minimum of 50 cm to a maximum of 100 cm. This is what makes it possible to create new and unique patterns all the time.

Antolini - Woodstone Collection - Brown ChocolateThe Woodstone Collection pieces can be used to create countless elegant and linear geometric effects

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