Private Haute Couture designs a unique jacket just for you

Private Haute Couture jacket_Crocodile Leather with Lambskin LeatherPrivate Haute Couture has a taken bit different approach to create unique fashion. There are no shops, no ready-made-designs, even no brand name. Private Haute Couture’s designers travel around the world to meet clients in the comfort of their own homes. Every piece is fashioned in accordance with individual specifications and the client’s name becomes the label. Full ownership of designs is transferred to the client, so that your design will not be duplicated.

The designer from Private Haute Couture will match your taste and lifestyle to create your perfect jacket. You can select the alligator, ostrich or snake leather, and the colors. You choose the lining of the jacket, available in a variety of choices, such as raw silk and suede leather. You even decide the color of the stitching that will enhance the jacket’s signature look.

To finish the jacket with your personal touch, there are a choice of buttons and zippers to be produced from platinum, gold embellished with diamonds, precious gemstones, mother of pearl. Your Custom Personalized Label will be designed and embroidered into the jacket or engraved with your name on a metal of your choice.

And to make sure that you won’t leave your precious jacket behind, Private Haute Couture jacket comes with a unique anti-theft/separation technology which alerts you with a beep.

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