Test Drive: 2014 Volvo S80 T5 Executive

Volvo S80 T5 Executive 2014_test drive_05Our previous test drive with the Volvo S80 was enjoyable, but there was just one thing missing. It was the Volvo S80 D5 AWD and we felt that it needed a bit more power. So we just have to take a second drive with the car, now powered with the new T5 petrol engine.

The new four-cylinder, two-litre, turbocharged T5 petrol engine is part of Volvo Car Group’s new Drive-E engine family. The new T5 delivers 180 kW (245 hp) at 5,500 rpm. The turbocharged engine delivers also nice amount of torque at low revs. The 350 Newton metres of torque is available between 1,500 and 4,800 rpm. Thanks to this huge torque, the engine feels much “bigger” considering that its displacement is just 1,995 cc.

Another entirely new driveline option, that Volvo offers with the Drive-E engines, is the eight-speed automatic transmission. There is also an enhanced six-speed manual gearbox available, but for a big premium sedan like Volvo S80, the automatic feels like the only right choice. The new transmission’s few extra gears help to improve the performance and fuel efficiency. In addition to the D driving mode, the transmission also offers sportier S mode, or you can change gears yourself via the gear lever or paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

With the displacement of only two litres, the new T5 engine is nicely fuel efficient at steady speeds. The EU combined fuel consumption for the Volvo S80 T5 with the automatic transmission is 6.2 l/100km and the CO2 emissions are 144 g/km. On our test drive, the average fuel consumption was around eight litres.

The new T5 with the automatic transmission is a great new engine option for the Volvo S80. If you feel uncertain that if the two-litre engine is big enough for the big sedan, you should go and test drive yourself. You might get surprised what the new engine technology can provide.