The Bridge by Pininfarina

Bridge by Pininfarina bagThe Bridge by Pininfarina is a collection of accessories, including travelling bags, briefcases smaller leatherware designed for modern man’s needs.

The partnership between The Bridge and Pininfarina has produced two different travel lines. The LEGACY line recalls the DNA of the Tuscan brand tied to the classic world of saddlery, of artisanal Tuscan manufacturing of buckles, pockets, and visible stitching, but with a contemporary and super chic touch thanks to the design by Pininfarina.

The TECH line was inspired by the world of technology and research, and by the very essence of the Pininfarina’s philosophy. The lines are clean and essential, and the choice of darker hues deliberately invoke a decidedly more urban and fashionable look. The products are enriched by super hi-tech details like strap hooks and unique closures which allow the bags to be taken along in motorbike or bicycle in a safer and more reliable way.

The new collection will be sold in The Bridge sales points starting in Fall 2014/2015. Visit and for more information.