The new OTAM 100 Millennium yacht

OTAM 100 Millennium_featuredThe new OTAM 100 Millennium yacht represents the finest features of the Italian brand: clean lines, elegant trim and high performance. One of the most exciting innovations of this model for OTAM is the forward lounge integrated into the superstructure.

It is designed by an impressive team of industry-leading architects: Umberto Tagliavini – naval architecture, Alberto Mancini – exterior design, and interiors by Achille Salvagni. Every aspect of the manufacturing has been carefully considered and despite the yacht’s performance credentials there has been a special focus on limiting environmental impact, particularly on noise.

Naval Architect, Umberto Tagliavini, comments: “The hull is designed for high speed even in rough seas, whilst ensuring those on board experience the ultimate comfort. We drew a Monohedric hull with very sharp bow corners and a choice of engines, either two or three 2600hp MTUs, will generate speeds of 40 and 47 knots respectively. The structure is made of Aluminum Alloy for considerable savings and proper structural rigidity. A capability of over 45 knots with outstanding comfort is the unique added value of the new OTAM 100’ Millennium.”

While maintaining the philosophy of the brand, this model shows a number of new features for the interior layout. Architect, Achille Salvagni, says: “For a fast yacht with extraordinary performance, I thought about a “cocooning” interior, different from the current trends. With elegance and discrete essential lines and luxurious materials, the warm neutral tones are highlighted by sharp profiles and vibrant coloured accessories and fabrics”.

The OTAM 100 Millennium will be available for delivery in 2015.