Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion

Echo Falls Zero Alcohol Sparkling InfusionEcho Falls presents a new, sophisticated and delicious, alcohol free bubbly drink to the UK markets.

The Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion is a zero percent alcohol drink, made from a delicate combination of fermented grape juice and premium green tea infusion, known as “Tisane”. Packaged in a shimmering Champagne-style bottle, Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion won’t look out of place amongst the Prosecco and Cava at special celebrations. Best served chilled in a champagne flute, you can pop and raise a toast among the rest of them whilst staying dry!

Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion is also a mere 26 calories per 100ml glass, an ideal choice for those looking to treat themselves without the guilt. Serve as an aperitif at dinner parties, paired with smoked salmon canapés, or pour alongside sandwiches, pastries and cakes for an indulgent afternoon tea. With its fruity yet crisp taste and the fizz of sparkling wine, it makes for a delightful and tempting addition to any chilled soft drinks offering.

Echo Falls is currently the third largest wine brand in the UK by volume and the number two US brand in the UK. The range includes single varietals, blends, sparkling wines and ready to drink spritz cans.