Frederique Constant Steel Horological Smartwatch

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch FC-285S5B6The Frederique Constant Steel Horological Smartwatch features polished stainless steel 42mm case. An alligator strap finishes the models for an elegant style, with a folding clasp for a more sporty version.

Displaying central hours and minutes hands, the smart counter is positioned at 6 o’clock. The small red hand indicates you the date during the day and will point out the moon during your sleep, while the small steel hand shows you the percentage of your activity or sleep goals. One of the main asset that you have to remember is that the battery life of these models is 2+ years.

With the introduction of the new Horological Smartwatch models, the Frederique Constant has managed to preserve its design spirit in offering a real Swiss watch, which has the addition smart feature to be connected.

Powered by MotionX, the Frederique Constant Swiss Horological Smartwatches are capable of bi-directional communication with iPhone and Android apps. There is no digital screen on the Swiss Horological Smartwatch. Instead, the beautiful laser cut hands on the watch dial display information in analog form. The Swiss Horological Smartwatches retain their natural classic beauty and can deliver the benefits of the quantified self, all without ever having to recharge a battery.

The Frederique Constant Swiss Horological Smartwatches will support the following functionalities:

  • Always-on time & date
  • MotionX activity tracking
  • Sleeptracker sleep monitoring
  • Sleep cycle alarms
  • Get-Active alerts
  • Adaptive coaching
  • 2+ years battery life
  • MotionX cloud backup and restore

The MotionX patented sensor-fusion engine tracks activity and sleep patterns with high accuracy. Activity and sleep information is presented in real-time on the Swiss Horological Smartwatch using beautiful traditional analog dials. The Frederique Constant Swiss Horological Smartwatch synchronizes automatically with applications on Apple and Android smartphones.

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch