Montblanc launches Andy Warhol Special Edition

Montblanc Great Characters Andy Warhol Special EditionWith the Montblanc Great Characters Andy Warhol Special Edition, Montblanc celebrates and honors the great artist’s imprint on contemporary art and culture with a design that reflects some of his most famous works.

Warhol’s fame is inextricably bound with the creation of serial images drawn from popular culture, including his “Campbell’s Soup Cans series” from 1965. As a tribute to one of the masterpieces that propelled him to fame, the Andy Warhol Special Edition’s unusual cap design features four images of Tomato Soup Cans artfully worked into stainless steel, appearing in a 2 by 2 formation reminiscent of his serial approach.

His masterful eye for colour informs the contrast created between the cobalt blue precious resin of the barrel and the narrow orange rings on the cone, evoking the bold colour variations of the Soup Can series. The cap and cone are subtly designed to echo the ordinary tin soup can lid that he transformed into extraordinary art.

Warhol’s personal vision of art gave rise to his unconventional approach as he sought to consciously eliminate any kind of artistic fingerprint, and start multiplying his images in a machine-like manner. In homage to Andy Warhol’s preferred technique of silkscreen printing, the clip of the writing instrument is shaped like the most important tool of this technique: the squeegee.

Celebrating an icon of Pop Culture celebrates the merger of art and commerce in the handcrafted rhodium-plated 585 gold nib, finely engraved with the dollar sign from his Dollar Sign series, underscoring popular culture’s preoccupation with money.