Mumm Collection du Chef de Caves

Mumm Collection du Chef de CavesThe House of Mumm Champagne is re-releasing a limited quantity of magnums of the celebrated Cordon Rouge Millesimes of 1985, 1990 and 1996 as the launch offering from a brand new Collection du Chef de Caves.

The entire Collection includes magnums of the best vintages from the last 30 years that have been kept in perfect conditions in the cellars at Mumm in Reims, enabling the House to track its oenological history. The decision to re-release small quantities of three vintages at a time, when they are considered by Cellar Master Didier Mariotti to showing one aspect of the vintage particularly well, will showcase the consistency and ageing potential of Mumm Vintage Champagnes. Each magnum has been given a light dosage of just 4g/l to let the true characteristics of the wine shine through.

The new Collection du Chef de Caves will enable the House to share some of its finest mature vintages with Champagne connoisseurs across the world. Each magnum within the initial release will carry a bespoke label inspired by the historical look and feel of the famous Cordon Rouge Millésime bottle of the 1980s. With the back labels personally signed by Didier Mariotti and featuring the date of disgorgement, the magnums will be presented in an authentic antique-white wooden gift box.

The Collection du Chef de Caves will be available in prestige retailers and top restaurants in France, the UK, Japan, Singapore , Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

The 1985 vintage has been heralded as one of the classic vintages of the 1980s in Champagne. Despite a very cold winter, that saw temperatures plummet to -30°C, and a challenging spring, the summer of 1985 was warm and very sunny helping to produce a good crop of perfectly healthy grapes.

1990 was also considered to be a classic Champagne vintage – the final in a trio of ‘great vintages’ at the end of the 1980s. Yields were low in 1990 because of the late spring frosts, and following a very hot and dry July, the grapes reached very high levels of natural sugar, but with a fairly low acidity level. However, the Pinot Noirs again were outstanding, particularly from the key crus for Mumm in the Montagne de Reims: Verzenay, Verzy, Bouzy, Ambonnay and Mailly.

Cordon Rouge 1996 was the 50th Millésime from Mumm. The year produced grapes with both high natural potential alcohol and exceptionally high acidity. At the time many commentators were excited about the potential quality, but winemakers were more cautious, concerned that the acidity would overwhelm the final wines. However, with careful sourcing of grapes from those crus with the necessary power and structure to complement the high acidity, Mumm produced an outstanding vintage with the perfect balance between freshness and intensity.