Perrier-Jouet Blason Rose

Perrier-Jouet Blason RosePerrier-Jouet Blason Rose is the first rose champagne created by Perrier-Jouet.

Its name derives from the ‘Blason de France’ range, created by the champagne house in 1956. It is a subtle blend of 50 different ‘vins clairs’ from the best of the House’s vineyards. The choice of ‘crus’ is carefully adjusted according to the harvest. An addition of 12 to 15% of reserve wines creates the consistency required to balance the Perrier-Jouet style with the climatic effects of the year.

Built on the model of the Grand Brut Non-Vintage, which is driven by the intensity of the Chardonnays in the blend, Perrier-Jouet Blason Rose is enriched by the addition of red wines. The elegance and finesse of the Chardonnays (25%) blend with the structure of the Pinot Noirs (50% including the added red wines) and the fruitiness of Pinot Meunier (25%) – a grape with which Perrier-Jouet has acquired specific expertise.

The cuvee ages for a minimum of three years in the cellars before a light dosage of 8 to 11 grams per litre is added, depending on the year. Perrier-Jouet Blason Rose champagne is to be served between 10° and 12°C.

Its voluptuous freshness is delicious with salmon, red snapper or sushi, whilst its richness beautifully matches duck breast or lamb with red fruits like cranberries. Perrier-Jouet Blason Rose can also be paired with desserts combining perhaps red berry fruits, white chocolate and vanilla flavours.