Rimowa Onyx range

Rimowa Onyx Leder RangeRimowa presented the new high-end polycarbonate Rimowa Onyx range. The Rimowa Onyx range boasts an extremely stylish design. The black suitcase with a broad, silver aluminium frame caters to every last wish of even the most discerning business travellers.

Rimowa Onyx range offers four spacious suitcases and three matching business bags. With plenty of storage space for documents and a foam insert lining to protect a portable computer, the laptop bags are must-have accessories for every man and woman in business.

Rimowa has produced no fewer than two versions of this exclusive line. On the two larger cases of the first series, the front features a cover made from elegant leather and durable keprotec®.  The smaller cases instead feature a practical front pocket made from the same premium materials. The entire front part of the cases in the second series is presented in sophisticated leather with the typical groove design – the ultimate in luxury!

Another new feature on the Rimowa Onyx are the wheels cast from polished anodised aluminium, which complete the overall design of the cases and set them miles apart from other luggage. Made from the finest calf leather, the smooth, high-quality handles ensure an excellent level of comfort and discreetly complement the outer shell.

The continuously adjustable telescopic handle fits extremely elegantly into the polycarbonate and conceals another highlight: fitted with a spring, the handle can be released at the push of a button, meaning no grip recess had to be included in the shell design.

Rimowa Onyx GR5515ER_Leder