Test Drive: 2015 Tesla Model S 70D

Tesla Model S 70D 2015_test drive_01What do we want from the perfect Gentleman’s Car?
The design has to be stylish and luxurious, the interior needs to be spacious, and it must offer enough performance for the perfect driving enjoyment.

Now there is a car that has it all: the Tesla Model S. By its exterior, it looks like a sports car, while the interior is something more like a a luxury sedan. It also has all the latest gadgest and functions that you might want.

Only thing that is missing is a big combustion engine, so it is also eco-friendly. Does this mean that Tesla Model S lacks power? Not at all. Instead of a big petrol engine, Tesla Model S has an electric motor. Or two electric motors if you choose the all-wheel drive version. The model range includes the rear-wheel drive models S 70 and S 85 and the all-wheel drive versions S 70D and S 85D. The most powerful version, the Model S P85D, comes with the all-wheel drive as standard.

We took a test drive with the Tesla Model S 70D. This four-wheel drive model is powered by two 259 hp electric motors. Torque is 387 lb-ft. This provides an excellent performance. Accelerating with this powerful electric car feels very different compared to the petrol engined car. The electric motor answers to the throttle pedal without a delay, and the top torque is available instantly. Tesla Model S 70D can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. And all this happens almost completely silently.

Although the Tesla Model S has that coupe-like roofline, the interior is surprisingly spacious. There are also lots of design details. Door handles are made from hand polished zinc, the leather trim uses premium Nappa leather, and d├ęcor pieces are minimally finished to preserve their natural beauty. However, the first thing you notice is that huge 17 inch touchscreen, which is angled toward the driver.

This 17 inch touchscreen controls most of the car’s functions. You can use navigation, change radio station, adjust climate control, check your calender, view the rear view camera or open the all glass panoramic roof. Although the touchscreen offers lots of functons, it is still very easy to use. It is like using a tablet – all controls are used just with a swipe or a touch.

So what do we think about this Tesla Model S? We just love it. Only thing you might want, are those powerful engine sounds delivered by a combustion engine. But after a while, you really start to love the quietness this electric car offers. If you don’t believe, you have to drive it yourself.