Tonino Lamborghini Casa 2015 Collection

Tonino Lamborghini Casa - ImolaTonino Lamborghini Casa products at the Salone del Mobile 2015 include the Imola sofa and armchair, the Rita armchair and the Sepang sofa.

Imola sofa

Tonino Lamborghini Casa - Imola sofaThree-seater sofa full of retro charm characterized by a structure in veneer oak Moro with nickel tress bar. It is covered in soft leather Deer Argilla and Deer Sand with diamond quilted stitching. Measurements: cm 225x100xH.85

Imola armchair

Tonino Lamborghini Casa - Imola armchairPerfectly coordinated to the sofa, the armchair of the Imola series looks comfortable and attractive at first glance. Positioned on a swivel base in wenge it has a coating of soft leather Deer Argilla with piping in leather Argilla Sand. Diamond quilted stitching on sight. Measurements: 102x100xH.82

Sepang sofa

Tonino Lamborghini Casa - Sepang sofaCharacterized by unique style that outlines all the home collection by Tonino Lamborghini, the new three-seater sofa Sepang looks audacious and gritty thanks to the covering of the seat and back in leather Alpine Racing Red. Even the rigid structure is completely covered in leather Carbon Red with frontal mask in black glossy finish. Leather cushions coordinated.

Sepang armchair

Tonino Lamborghini Casa - Sepang armchairDelicious for its rounded shape, the new armchair Sepang, perfectly coordinated to the sofa, has a coating that uses three particular types of leather declined in red and black version. Alpine Racing Red, Alpine Traforato Racing Red and Carbon Red for red model; Black Alpine, Alpine Perforated Black and Carbon Black for the black model. Swivel metal base color glossy black.

Desk City

Tonino Lamborghini Casa - Desk CityVery elegant and impressive new desktop signed Tonino Lamborghini. Shows a structure in walnut polished with profiles and sophisticated leather desk in Vogue 6016 Moka. Measures: 296x109xH.78. Coordinated to the desk chair Presidential Long Beach coated with leather and leather Vogue 6016 Vogue 6016 Moka Moka Traforato. The swivel base is in metal with wheels

Rita armchair

Tonino Lamborghini Casa - Rita armchairA piece of furniture with a strong personality, the Rita armchair stands out for its important structure in veneer oak anthracite covered with soft leather Vogue Aubergine with diamond quilted stitching details. Measures: 136x105xH.82