Vanquish VQ48 sports boat

Vanquish VQ48 sports boatVanquish Yachts in the Netherlands has unveiled its brand-new Vanquish VQ48 sports boat. The new model was designed entirely from scratch, while integrating the typical lines of Vanquish Yachts.

As with all other Vanquish models, the Vanquish VQ48 will set itself apart from other boats in its niche market through its exceptional manoeuvrability, super-fast acceleration and impressive top speed of well over 40 knots. An example of innovations that are uncommon on similar boats is the submarine folding anchor system – an electric anchor designed to fit within the lines of the underwater hull so that no chain or winch are visible when at anchor.

The VQ48 is exceptionally well suited for day trips with many guests. It provides a great deal of freedom of movement on board, and the specially developed parasol previously seen on the VQ50 provides ingenious protection against the sun. Moreover, there is plenty of space for toys under the settees.

Cooking will be good fun too on the VQ48, which will feature a super-efficient galley developed by Swiss TV chef René Schudel. René has used all his experience as a cook into the galley equipment and layout, and also suggested fitting a Green Egg Mini barbeque on the back of the yacht, suspended above the water.

Like on all Vanquish vessels, the high-end audio installation will be custom fitted and adapted specifically to each boat and owner. Vanquish Yachts recently signed a partnership agreement with Brian’s Custom Audio, famous for its work on the latest Ferrari models, to ensure that each Vanquish sound system is a one-of-a-kind solution.