Review: Speedlink Axon – silent mouse

When was the last time you cleaned up your computer mouse?

It was probably some time ago, if you have ever done that. The same mouse might be used for many years, many hours a day. And over time, dirt starts to build up and attract bacteria.

Speedlink has solved this unhygienic problem by coating a new Axon mouse with an antibacterial material. The antibacterial coating is claimed to destroy up to 99% of bacteria.

We got this new Speedlink Axon mouse for a test, so let’s try how it works in office use. Speedlink Axon is reasonably big in size, but features an ergonomic design with easy access thumb buttons. At the bottom of the mouse there is a 2400 dpi optical sensor that allows the mouse to work both on the tablet and on the mouse pad.

Completely silent…

The antibacterial coating isn’t the only special feature of the new Axon. The mouse buttons are silent, so you can no longer disturb your work mates with constant mouse clicks. Once there will be also a silent keyboard, your workplace makes almost no sound at all.

The Axon mouse features a total of five buttons. In addition to the normal left and right buttons, there is a roll and a dpi button on the top of the mouse. With the dpi-button you can adjust the resolution of the sensor with a simple click. Changing the resolution makes the mouse cursor move more quickly, or slowly if you need to improve the accuracy of the mouse.

There are two additional buttons on the left side of the mouse. These can be used for example as a forward and backward -buttons when browsing web pages. You can do well without these buttons, but they are quite useful when you have them.

After a two-week test run, the mouse seems to fit well for office work. Unfortunately, at this point, the old mouse starts to look so worn and feels weird after using the new Axon, that this mouse switch might become a permanet change…