Dream Destination: Barahona, Dominican Republic

Barahona is the deep southwest part of the Dominican Republic. Covering a surface of around 7,700 square kilometers, the Barahona province is a nature and wildlife haven, with multiple attractions that could keep you occupied for days.

Barahona might be geographically removed from the country’s primary tourist destinations, but you’ll find that remoteness has its perks. There are the most biodiverse reserve and parks in the country, surfing beaches, fresh water cascades, birding havens tucked amid mountain ranges, and plantations producing some of the country’s finest coffee. It’s no wonder that Barahona has also earned the nickname “Pearl of the South” or “La Perla del Sur”.

The Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, which makes up part of the country’s sole UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, reveals multiple ecosystems that range from dry forests to cloud–rising over 2,000 meters and where unique species make their home. Complementing this wilderness are rivers cascading down to meet pebble stone beaches, towering bluffs with a coastal scenery unlike anywhere else in the Dominican Republic, and caves tucked in thick fern forests leading you toward refreshing swims in blue sinkholes while hearing mystical tales.

When you’re not mountain biking, hiking in forests or chasing after gemstones at the larimar mines, catch an artisan marmalade making session with the local cooperative in La Ciénaga, or just relax at one of the village’s local bars.

Source: Dream Destination: Barahona, Dominican Republic