Natural Wonder: Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

Mount Taranaki is New Zealand’s most perfectly formed volcano. The snow-capped cone of Mt Taranaki lures visitors who appreciate geological phenomena. Apart from one small bump – a subsidiary vent called Fantham’s Peak – the mountain’s cone is beautifully symmetrical. Mount Taranaki is around 120,000 years old and last erupted in 1775. The volcanologists agree that the mountain is ‘dormant’ rather than extinct.

Often described as New Zealand’s most climbed mountain, Mt Taranaki provides non-mountaineers with an achievable summit challenge. The main climbing route to the summit starts at North Egmont, and you need to allow 6 to 8 hours for the return trip. Climbing to the summit is achievable for experienced hikers in all seasons – although winter is more difficult – and is best done with a guide.

Source: Natural Wonder: Mount Taranaki, New Zealand