Natural Wonder: Upper Waikani Falls, Maui, Hawaii

The island of Maui has much more to offer than just the oceanfront and beautiful beaches. One place worth a visit is the Upper Waikani Falls along the Hana Highway. Upper Waikani Falls is also known as Three Bears, thanks to the three separate but parallel falls of differing lengths.

Photographs of the falls may give the impression that the falls is fairly small, but it’s actually 70 feet tall. The falls can change in size dramatically as the flow depends on rainfall. In the winter months the falls can be huge and unapproachable, whereas in the spring and summer they can ideally be much smaller.

When the falls are at a safe flow rate, you can take a hike down from the road and take a swim. It is a bit hard to reach, but once you get down at the falls it is a gorgeous scene. The water on these falls is often exceptionally clear.

While it’s deep enough to swim in, there aren’t any places without rocks/hazards which make this poole unsafe for cliff jumping or diving.

Source: Natural Wonder: Upper Waikani Falls, Maui, Hawaii