Gentleman’s Etiquette

Etiquette is a code of behavior for people of all ages and all socioeconomic groups.

Naturally, the higher your social status is, more closely your manners are monitored. But acting like a gentleman doesn’t require a suit or a great title. Showing your manners in daily situations makes you look smarter, no matter what you are wearing. But acting like a gentleman doesn’t mean the same as being snobby.

Manners change by times. In modern society where manners are more casual, the etiquette might seem like a thing of the past. But that’s not really true. The same basic rules still apply, although they are not always followed as strictly.

Etiquette is also strongly dependent on culture. What is completely acceptable in one country, might be inappropriate in another. So it is always good to get to know the culture and manners of the foreign country before taking the trip.

One more thing that you should remember is that etiquette is nothing complicated. In more formal situations, the list of things to remember gets longer. But in daily life, following the etiquette means you are just showing good manners.

With few little things we can make the daily life a bit brighter for us and for others. These are things we already know, but don’t always remember to follow. These are the basics of etiquette for gentlemen.

– Use the words “please” and “thank you” often
– Greet warmly when you meet someone
– Hold the door open for others
– Wait for your turn
– Admit when you are wrong
– Help with chores at home

Excellent! Now continue by reading some of our special topics:

Table Manners

The dinner table is an excellent place to show your gentleman manners. Especially if you attend a formal dinner, knowing the dining etiquette is essential.

Dating Etiquette

There is no official dating etiquette for gentlemen, but with few simple things you can make sure that your dating manners are on the right level. And if you are already married, these rules can be useful also when taking you better half for a romantic night at the town.

Theatre Etiquette

Going to the theatre can be a really enjoyable experience. But remember, it is not just for you. There are also other people trying to enjoy the show.

Dress Code

In addition to the date, time and location, party invitations usually indicate also the proper dress code. Terms like white tie or black tie reveal to the guests what they should wear, so that they are not over- or underdressed for the occasion