Men’s Society Moustache Grooming Kit

The Men’s Society’s Moustache Grooming Kit is perfect for everyone who love their tash. This moustache grooming kit makes a great travel companion for keeping your moustache in check. It contains everything you need to keep your mustache under controll and looking neat and fresh.

Lumene Men Clear Shaving Gel

Lumene Men Clear Shaving Gel is a new, non-foaming shaving gel. It makes shaving easier as clear formula lets you see where to shave. Clear Shaving Gel also helps to reduce after-shave irritation and leaves skin pleasantly soft. Clear Shaving Gel contains skin protecting Arctic spruce knot extract which is an extremely strong antioxidant.

Braun WaterFlex

Braun WaterFlex adds a new dimension to the Braun portfolio. It’s Braun’s first shaver designed exclusively for use with water, foam or gel. The WaterFlex swivel head in combination with water, foam or gel reduces friction – allowing the electric shaver to gently glide across skin for a comfortable and close shave.