Jewellery for men

Montblanc introduces limited edition Vasco da Gama cufflinks

Montblanc introduces a limited edition collection of cufflinks inspired by one of the world’s greatest seafarers, Vasco da Gama. The edition is limited to three pieces that are dedicated to Vasco da Gama directly, representing the three of his ships that eventually reached India and eight pieces for the north and south hemispheres, marking the fact that the expedition left on 8th day of July.

Brikk launches Heptagon jewelry collection

In the works for five years, the specially designed Heptagon Diamond has seven sides with special sparkle and refraction. Designed by award winning designer John Bailey, the custom geometry includes 77 facets as well as 3 seven-point stars. The stones are available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 carat sizes in perfect D color and IF clarity.

Faberge Pearl Egg

The Faberge Pearl Egg draws inspiration from the formation of a pearl within an oyster, and the egg’s painstakingly-crafted mother-of-pearl exterior opens to reveal a unique grey pearl of 12.17 carats, sourced from the Arabian Gulf and exhibiting exceptional purity and a highly unusual shade of grey.

RT Automatic Skeleton Mechanical cufflinks by Tateossian London

Tateossian London offers one of the widest range of men’s cufflinks. With different themes, from classic style to skulls, there are some excellent choices whatever your personal style is. Cufflinks with mechanical gear seat are one of Tateossian signature designs and are available in different finishes. These RT Automatic Skeleton Mechanical cufflinks even feature a mechanical movement. Rhodium plated, these cufflinks have an open framed case which exposes the inner mechanics of the movement from all sides.