Men’s shoes

Ermenegildo Zenga Maserati Sneaker

Ermenegildo Zenga Maserati Sneaker combines the construction and comfort of a modern sneaker with the treatment and materials found in a fine dress shoe. The toe, sides and the heel of the Maserati Sneaker are made of hand-buffed calfskin leather, while the upper has an Exclusive Maserati Ghibli fabric stitched with a waved inverted seam.

Crockett & Jones Malton leather shoes

One of the new models in the collection are the Crockett & Jones Malton leather shoes in Dark Brown Burnished Calf. Crockett & Jones Malton is a semi brogue oxford shoe with straight cap and light punching detail. These shoes are made from the finest calf leather and dainite rubber soles for the Men’s Main Collection.