Smirnoff White super-premium vodka

Smirnoff White is a new super-premium vodka available exclusively for travellers. The Smirnoff White vodka has been freeze filtered at -6°C. Freeze filtration signifies a continuing revolution in Smirnoff’s distillation process. Vodka is chilled to below freezing point and passed through state-of-the-art charcoal filters resulting in an exceptionally smooth taste.

Absolut Oz for Australia

Film director Baz Luhrmann has created the first ever Absolut limited edition bottle celebrating Australia. Called Absolut Oz, the collaboration will see the one litre sized bottle available in Australia. Luhrmann worked closely with Absolut to create four special cocktails, each of which is a toast to four famous beaches around Australia. They are the Tama-Glama, The Hells Bells Beach, the Cable Beach “Stairway to the Moon” and The South Avoca Elevator. Absolut Oz will feature a specially designed neck tag with story notes, images and recipes for each of the four cocktails created by Luhrmann.